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Azizi Tower: A new landmark in the Dubai real estate market in Business Bay

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Azizi Tower: A new landmark in the Dubai real estate market in Business Bay

In a groundbreaking move, Azizi Developments, a prominent private developer in the UAE, has officially commenced the construction of its ambitious USD 1.5 billion tower, set to become the second tallest structure in Dubai. Situated on a prime plot along Sheikh Zayed Road, this iconic development promises to redefine the city's skyline and add another jewel to its architectural crown.

Scheduled for completion within a span of four years, the tower encompasses a multifaceted array of features, making it a true marvel in modern real estate. Among its highlights are a vertical mall, luxury residences, opulent penthouses, a 7-star hotel, a unique observation deck, and a plethora of high-end dining options. This blend of luxury and innovation is set to elevate the living experience for residents and visitors alike.

The official groundbreaking ceremony, a significant milestone in the project's timeline, is yet to be announced, but the excitement surrounding this venture is palpable. Mr. Mirwais Azizi, the Founder and Chairman of Azizi Developments, expressed his delight at this momentous occasion, emphasizing the significance of the tower as a testament to the company's commitment to Dubai.

Today marks a special day as we lay the foundation for one of my dream projects in Dubai. While the formal ceremony is pending, I am thrilled to commemorate this occasion with our dedicated team at Azizi – the architects of this iconic tower," Mr. Azizi commented.

For Mr. Azizi, the tower represents more than just a real estate endeavor; it symbolizes a legacy and a heartfelt gesture of gratitude towards the emirate that has provided his family with safety and abundant opportunities. "This tower will be our legacy. With Dubai having given my family and me so much – safety and an abundance of opportunities – this tower, which will be the second tallest, is our way of giving back to this emirate and its remarkably hospitable and welcoming people," he continued.

As the construction progresses over the next four years, the tower is poised to become a landmark in the heart of Dubai, reflecting Azizi Developments' dedication to innovation, luxury, and community development. Stay tuned for further updates on this transformative project that is set to leave an indelible mark on the city's skyline and the hearts of its residents.

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