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Museum of the future Dubai

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There's always something new to discover or experience in Dubai that ranges from the tallest structure and the biggest picture frame to the largest nature-based flowering garden. This is among the most compelling reasons people repeatedly come to Dubai. Therefore, on your next Dubai visit, be ready to not only take part in the most spectacular World Expo but also witness some of the most massive modern, avant-garde ideas being realized. At the top of the list is the Museum of the Future! Before its opening, the Museum has received huge applause worldwide for its stunning design. However, it is also an extremely complex design ever created.

"See the future, build the future" is the motto for the Museum. The project is the brainchild of DFF (Dubai Future Foundation ), the government-owned foundation created to help shape the next generation of major sectors and is headed by Dubai Vice President, the UAE's Vice President. Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It is interesting to note that the idea that is The Museum of Future was first presented as a series of themed exhibitions in 2014 during the World Government Summit in Dubai. Since then, it has developed and showcased a range of active topics and immersive technologies that provide multi-sensory experiences that span a range of industries like the environment, food safety, and healthcare. Based on HH Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the permanent Museum is an incubator to develop innovative ideas and spark creative ideas. It is now the world's largest platform for identifying future trends and exploring futuristic opportunities. In a nutshell, during your visit, you'll see the direction Dubai is planning to go in shortly.

Anyone who has looked at its images or glimpses into its design knows that its unique design is among its most impressive features. It was created in collaboration with Killa Design and is especially stunning for its torus-shaped design that is more of an oval silver band with a massive open center. The shape is similar to an eye-like structure atop the city and looks over the ever-changing city's magnificent landmarks and accomplishments. The design has already won numerous prestigious awards and has been awarded all the necessary points to be considered a LEED-certified building. The Museum has three major elements: a Green hill, a structure, and an open or void area. Beyond its architectural beauty and intricateness, each of these parts is supported by a powerful concept. The beautiful green hills (upon the structure's foundation) symbolize nature; the ultra-modern facility demonstrates humanity's incredible ability to think and blend in with the surrounding. In addition, it has stunning Arabic calligraphy engraved on the exterior of the building, which symbolizes humanity's appreciation for creativity and art. In the case of space, it represents the boundless imagination and creativity that the future will bring.

Calligraphy On Stainless Facade 
One of the most notable highlights is its Arabic calligraphy (with more than 700 words) engraved on the exterior. Famous Emirati artist Mattar bin Lahej created the design. It's even more amazing that these uplifting Arabic words are derived from poems composed by HH Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Museum Design Features & Facilities 
 - Inside the Museum of the future Dubai
 - The Museum of the Future is among the largest and most complicated museums ever constructed and one of the most trendy ever. 
 - The Museum has been ranked among the world's 14 most stunning museums in National Geographic magazine.
 - The Feng Shui concept inspires the theme of its design.
 - The sparkling stainless steel clad Museum's peak is 77m and extends across an area of approximately 17600 square meters.
 - One of the most notable characteristics is one of its most striking features is the Arabic calligraphy (with over 700 words) printed on the exterior of the building. It's even more impressive that these uplifting Arabic words are derived            from poems written by HH Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
 - This LEED-certified museum has established an ideal benchmark for regions' low carbon structures. Because of its solar-powered passive features, which are further enhanced by using a minimal amount of energy and water-related solutions.
 - The most modern 3D techniques are employed in the creation of this structure.
- The construction process also requires nearly 1024 stainless steel panels and fiber-glass. It is fascinating to note that the same method employed in aviation is used in the panel's seamless, joint-free assemblage.
- It features six exhibition levels and an administration level, each of which is situated on a podium, which is spread across three levels.
- The floors are the sole horizontal space in the structure.
- Facilities include classrooms, auditoriums, theatre, as well as advanced labs. Additionally, there are retail and parking spaces.

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