Offplan Vs Ready Property

Nov 24, 2021 رأي 4536

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As the Real Estate market trend in Dubai changes swiftly, decision-making for buyers can be hard due to ups and downs and a lot of things you will need to consider before buy property in Dubai. Making a decision and taking a step when you purchase something will have different factors to consider and would depend on your priorities and current situation. For you, what are the factors you consider for buying a property here in Dubai?

Here are some pointers to look at before making any decision

Offplan Properties:

 The most evident advantage is that Off-plan properties in Dubai have lower prices compared to ready to move in properties. Buyers can take advantage of this most especially for investors though there are also risk in these investments with the likes of delay in construction and slow phase in return of investment but surely it will be returned. You must also check the current market situation as you know nowadays everything can’t be predicted. Always be alert and do proper research.

 Own a property in Dubai by just paying 5% - 20% only as a down payment. In most cases, the developers are offering 2-5 years payment plans which are advantageous for buyers as they get to live in the property or make business for it before paying it in full. For investors, this also helps them to gain more profit at an early stage of their investments.

 More and more options are available for off-plan properties in Dubai, you get to choose which area you would like to invest in since Dubai has a large number of available properties from apartments to villas. In addition to that, you get the pleasure of designing your own interior design. There might be a little possibility of having a conflict of the expected look that was shown before compared to the actual look of the property.

 There is a set of rules to protect any Buyer from fraud or cancellation of a project. These rules are from RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) and DLD (Dubai Land Department). 

Ready Properties:

 Purchase the property at the agreed price or put it under the mortgage and you got yourself your own property. Assuring that no hidden charges will arise while buying the property is considered as one of the major advantages you may get from buying a ready property.

 The best benefit you can get from ready to move in apartments for sale in Dubai is that 100% completion of the property and no risk of delay in construction and moving in and the Buyer or Tenant can move in immediately. It is clearly expected that the price will be higher but still worth it.

 As we know that rent prices are competitive here in Dubai, another advantage is you can save up on rent. The money you will spend for rent can be used as an investment for your own home. Price may vary a little but still, you get to save. For Businessmen, this is considered as an immediate return on investment as a lot of people here in Dubai are looking for a good place to live.

 We may have a different idea on how we would imagine our perfect home and having the option to buy ready units are the best way to envision your new home because you will and receive the unit as shown during the viewing and you get the chance of studying your future neighbourhood. You will have access on your comfort from travelling going to work, school or for any of your needs but there will also be limitations to modifying the interiors it only goes to mix and match the colour of the walls and your furniture.


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