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DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) is a dynamic business hub and a destination for pioneers. Located in the heart of Dubai, and at the crossroads of the world,  DMCC is home to global industry players that embrace innovation  and technology to shape the future. Access to markets, state-of-the-art infrastructure and world-class  business services on offer through DMCC set it in a class of its own. As the driving force behind the Uptown Dubai development, DMCC is creating a new destination in Dubai, and gateway to international trade.


 المشروعات قيد الانشاء DMCC

Me Do Re Tower
Me Do Re Tower

أبراج بحيرات جميرا

المطور : DMCC

شقق : Studio, 1,2,3

السعر يبدأ من درهم 1,118,000
سو أبتاون دبي ريزيدنس
سو أبتاون دبي ريزيدنس

أبتاون دبي

المطور : DMCC

شقق : 1,2,3

السعر يبدأ من درهم 1,800,000
واتس اب